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We have devoted this website to the delightful unresolved romantic tension that exists between our two favorite couples...Mulder & Scully from The X-Files, and Carter & Lucy from ER.

Yes, we know- some of the aforementioned characters have either

a) resolved their tension, or

b) met with an untimely death

...but let's just forget those unfortunate circumstances for now.




We are Casca and Emmyjean, and we are good writers, so this is not a site where you will be drawn into stories that stray from decent storyline and true portrayal of  character.



One more thing- please read our disclaimer.




This is the ER Archive

Maintained primarily by Casca

This is the X-Files Archive

Maintained primarily by Emmyjean





We also have some crossover fics.  Or we will soon. We will each be writing individual crossover fics because we are BOTH fans of BOTH shows!






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