Post-Episode Stories




"Meeting HalfwayNEW!

        Scully is just getting over her fight with cancer, and her insistence that she does not need help causes problems between her and Mulder.  Scully POV, 5th Season


"The Simple Joys of LoserhoodNEW!

        Mulder can't seem to get the whole incident with Eddie VanBlundht out of his head, and it forces him to re-evaluate what he considers important about his relationship with Scully...with a little help from The Lone Gunmen.  Mulder POV.


"The X-Files: Gone To PotterNEW!

        When Mulder brings up the subject of Harry Potter during a particularly boring day at the office, Scully gets the opportunity to surprise him for once.  


"And To All A Good Night"

       Post-ep for "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas".  Takes place right after the episode.


"In Memoriam" 

        Scully's thoughts after losing her dog to "Big Blue" in Quagmire.  Short and Sweet.


"Coming Clean"

        Post_ep for "The End", but also deals with Travelers, the Ascension/One Breath arc, the Cancer arc, and all sorts of other emotional landmarks for our heroes.


"Dial and Connect"

        A phone conversation between Mulder and Scully that takes place the day after they return from investigating the Big Blue case.  "Quagmire" spoilers.


"Peanut Butter and Jelly"

        Scully must decide how she wants to handle herself in the face of Mulder's harsh behavior in "The Beginning".  Post-ep.


"Running the Gamut"

        A little post-ep for "Ice".  This was one of my favorite episodes, and remains so today.


"O Spooky Knight"

        Early Mulder and Scully.  A stakeout.  Halloween night.  Silliness.  What more could anyone ask?  Happy Halloween!


"Getting Acquainted"

        Post-ep for Deep Throat.  Mulder and Scully try to get comfortable both with each other and with the idea of their new partnership.  Scully POV.


"Season Nine Episode Guide - Snarky Style"

       "Snarky" is a word that, according to Mike Kellerman from "Homicide: Life on the Street", is from the Latin meaning "butthead". I'm sure you can deduce just what tone this particular guide utilizes. :) It's a little harsh, but I think you'll laugh. Give it a whirl.



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